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we must stop pit bull cruelty now

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Pit bulls are one of the number one mistreated dogs in the world.Some people train them to fight other dogs.That only makes the dog suffer and get hurt and for the owner... just money and joy. Thats kinda the only thing they do this for.Also if the dog starts doing badly in wining some fights they set the dog out into the street. FYI by its self. I might only be ten but i want to make a difference. But of course i am not as smart as all the adults or grownups......Not yet. And if you have not noticed that is maybe why all of you guys are so scared of pit bulls. Because you think they are danger and mean and bad. But if you maybe gave them a chance,you would notice that it is one of the best family dogs. They are loving and very protective of there family. Did you know that they were nominated in the 18 hundreds as best family dog cause it is true.Pit bulls just want love and affection...that's all.Just like any other dog.The other day i went to a animal shelter called Hi-Tor and i was very mad. Well happily my mom was able to convince the manager to let me where they keep all the dogs for adoption which i kinda was not allowed to do. And the reason i was mad was because i noticed that basically all of them were pit bulls. Then i looked up pit bulls and it said that pit bulls are the number one dogs that are kept in shelters.If you want to see where i found that info...check the right lower corner of the photo up above. I believe that every dog human and animal should get a second chance all the time.I hope you take the time to think about what is happening right now today.