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Not-So-Scary Ways To Try Being Vegetarian

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Being a vegetarian can be very tough but it feels great! Well if you don't end up addicted to cheese and replacing it in every meal you would've had meat in. There are so many great alternatives to meat these days and an easy way to get the protein you might be missing from meat. It's also an amazing way to promote animal welfare and do your part in making the world a more empathetic place. It is a different lifestyle, but not a drastic change it's just an adjustment and when you've figured out what new foods you like and which you don't then it's a positive transition.

Find your vegetable

There are so many different types of vegetables out there that you might not have tried because you stuck to the usual. If you are getting bored of the same old peas, carrots and broccoli then maybe try out a few new ones! Some great vegetables are kale, asparagus, avocado and sugar snap peas. They all go great mixed into a salad or as a side to your main and have great health benefits (sugar snap peas are also a really healthy snack)! Vegetables can also be great roasted or steamed and tossed with a little garlic to add even more flavor.

Don't go vegan straight away

Some people want to go the full whack right off the bat and become vegan which is a completely different ball game. Cutting out everything you've eaten for maybe your entire life can work for a few but the majority will find this a tough transition. It is a lot easier to try out vegetarianism or even pescetarianism before committing to a life with no animal products whatsoever. Being vegan is great but, it's definitely more likely to stick if you take it slowly.

Watch out for the cheese

So cheese is great, but it has come to many people's attention that when you become a vegetarian you might try and replace meat with cheese. It's not easy at first to find food you really love and want to eat and you've already eaten dishes based around cheese so it's a simple way to find a vegetarian dish. Cheese has its benefits but it also has it's downfalls it has a lot of fat in it which can lead to weight gain (even though you thought you'd be healthier) and excessive consumption can cause digestive problems and allergies. Like everything else cheese in moderation is great as it provides nutrients and let's face it, it tastes really good. But make sure if you do become vegetarian you try lots of new foods and discover healthier options.

It's nice to be nice

These days more and more people are realizing the effects their lifestyle is having on the environment and animals. There have been so many campaigns to promote vegetarianism and although there are and always will be a lot of meat eaters, just one person becoming vegetarian means that's a little less strain on the animal food source. The food companies don't always keep ethical bounds in mind and treat the animals poorly feeding them certain drugs such as growth hormones, which will end up in you when you've eaten the meat. This is just another reason why being vegetarian is becoming increasingly popular and seen as the friendlier option too. It is hard at first, but what makes it all worthwhile is when you know you are making a difference.

By Fay Partridge Becoming a vegetarian is definitely a lifestyle change but who knows who you could inspire to make that change too. Your friends and family may want to support you and try it out for a week and get hooked! If you want to make more of a difference with wildlife and marine conservation there are a lot of projects you can try with Frontier.

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