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Watch This Proud New Zealand Ram Show Off His Newborn Son

<p>YouTube: Buddhanz1</p>

When New Zealand-native Marty Todd first encountered the impressive Arapawa ram who came to be known as "Rambro," it wasn't exactly love at first sight. Marty was riding his motorbike along a dirt trail when Rambro appeared and made it clear through numerous headbutts that the trail wasn't big enough for the two of them.

Since then, Marty has encountered the ram numerous times, and the two have developed an unlikely friendship. Says Marty in his YouTube comments, "He is a little more friendly since I started feeding him but I still have to watch him ... one minute he's all cute and friendly, [next] minute he's swinging his horns into my leg or backing up for the charge."

Recently Rambro and his "missus" appeared with a new baby lamb, who has yet to be named.

The little lamb shares his father's spunk, having no problem at all keeping up with mom and dad.

Marty was surprised by the lamb's appearance saying he "didn't even know the ewe was pregnant."

Rambro was so pleased with his new son that he even allowed Marty to give him a congratulatory scratch behind the ears.

Rambro may be a bit of a begrudging friend, but Marty tells the New Zealand Herald that the ram is a "character, and he is better than any guard dog."

Watch Rambro and his family below:

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