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Watch This Laundry Basket Suddenly Start To Fill Itself

Doing the laundry really can be a chore, am I right? Fortunately for Abby T. Miller, she's got just the thing to help lighten the load - a laundry basket that fills itself!

Well, sorta.

Abby T. Miller

Abby T. Miller

Turns out Miller's 7-month-old kitten, named Noodles, has a penchant for housework.

While sorting through some clothes recently, the playful pet suddenly decided to lend a helping paw - snatching up articles of clothing and getting them ready for the wash.

"I didn't think I'd be able to get him to do it again with the camera going, but it turned out that this is his new favorite game and he readily obliged," Miller told The Dodo.

Turns out, socks have long been the kitty's favorite toys - but what looked like horsing around may have actually been training for this task alone. Indeed, perhaps laundry is the kind of work Noodles sees himself as being destined to fulfill.

In any case, that's a job well done.