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Watch This Baby Elephant's Awkward First Encounter With A Cat

The plump little pachyderm seems a bit shy at first when strolling past the kitty with his mother, 33-year-old Sri Prae.

Meanwhile, the orange cat looks to be rather baffled by the pair, as if just now realizing his choice of lounging spots in a high-elephant-traffic zone may have been unwise.

Perhaps sensing the feline's apprehension, Navann happily moves in closer to better introduce himself, though the reception is not such a warm one.

The gregarious baby elephant then tries a different approach, waving instead with his trunk. But that only makes things more awkward.

Navann seems to shrug off the whole failed attempt at becoming friends, underscoring the point with a self-assured kick of his leg.

This little elephant has no time for grumps.

Jeez. Nice going, cat.