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Watch The World's Most Polite Birds Wait In Line To Greet A Potential Mate

Nothing can bring out the unseemly competitive side of the Animal Kingdom quite like the battle among eager suitors for the right to some alone time with a potential mate -- but in nature, not all bachelors are brutes. In fact, for one particularly polite species of bird found in the forests of Brazil, courtship is actually a rather civilized sort of affair.

May the best bird win.

Instead of fighting it out with one another for a mate's affection, Blue manakins give each other a fair shot and let the lady decided. When a female manakin is feeling amorous, males will form an orderly little line in front of her, taking turns to introduce themselves and to put their colorful foliage on display.

Essentially, it's like speed-dating, but for birds.

After several minutes, when each male has had the chance to sufficiently strut his stuff, the birds halt their display and wait with rapt attention to see which one of them she's most impressed with. If the unchosen birds are disappointed, they certainly don't show it. Instead, they seem to respect the female's decision and fly away to let the new couple be alone, like fine feathered gentlemen.