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Watch Baby Elephants Get Ridiculously Stoked About Playing With Tire Toys

Thanks to a newvideo from Thailand's Elephant Nature Park, a recent development has come to everyone's attention: Elephants. Love. Tires.

The tire toys provided for these rescue elephants to play with are a big hit, and the young elephants have taken to them in particular. Due to elephants' high level of cognition, they enjoy playing and keeping themselves entertained - and tires are large enough and sturdy enough to make playtime more interesting for a pachyderm.

Tires are particularly fun to fling around ...

... and hold while prancing ...

... and ... use as a mattress?

Regardless, it's pretty clear these babies are pretty happy about playing however they please!

You can watch the full pachyderm playtime below:

(YouTube: elephantnews)

The Elephant Nature Park provides a caring home and sanctuary for elephants in need, and you can learn more about how to help their cause here!