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Watch A One-Armed Orangutan’s Triumphant Release Back Into The Wild

<p>Flickr: Mark Dumont</p>

An 11-year-old orangutan named Pelangsi spent ten days trapped in a hunting snare in the jungle. When rescuers at the International Animal Rescue (IAR) found him, things didn't look good.

Veterinarians hand-fed him for two weeks.

Pelangsi, who was named after the village near where he was found, was finally well enough to be moved to a cage.

He began to move around his cage...

... and was given routine checkups by the veterinarians.

Even with one arm, Pelangsi was doing remarkably well.

...But he was clearly not happy in captivity.

Pelangsi spent eight months in a cage while rescuers at IAR found a suitable place to release him. He was microchipped...

...and transported in a cage over land...

...and over water.

At long last, Pelangsi arrived at the release site.

And all of a sudden, Pelangsi was back in the wild.

"Finally, Pelangsi is free again..."

You can see the entire video here.