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Watch A Friendly Beluga Circle A Diver, Take The Most Epic Beluga Selfie Ever

When word spread that a lone beluga had taken to hanging around in a harbor in Newfoundland's Baie Verte Peninsula, onlookers crowded to observe the animal from docks and the shore -- the whale became a local celebrity, another example of an animal rocketed to fame -- simply for swimming by. One brave diver, Canadian comedian Shaun Majumder braved the icy water to see if he could catch sight of the whale.

At first, Majumder was on his own.

Suddenly, a flyby!

The beluga seemed to be checking him out from afar.

Keeping her distance ...

But it wasn't long before she came in for a closer look.

A VERY close look.

She seemed curious -- friendly even.

They were instantly fast friends.

This is definitely a candidate for the best selfie ever taken.

After a while, she lost interest and decided to move along. Belugas have minds of their own, after all.

It's important to note that it's never a good idea to actively approach any marine mammal in the wild, because it can desensitize them to humans and make them vulnerable to hunters or others who would hurt them. See this page for more information on how to behave around marine mammals that approach you.

See the entire video below:

Beluga Encounter