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Watch A Dreadlocked Homeless Dog's Touching Rescue -- And His Mind-Blowing Transformation

Rescuers from Hope for Paws spotted a homeless, completely dreadlocked dog while driving down the street. The dog was in bad shape and hiding under a truck.

He immediately fled ...

But Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws caught up and managed to corner him, and he soon calmed down. Neighbors said he's been left behind by owners who moved.

Hagar took him in his car, and the dog seemed very calm and docile.

Next came the a haircut.

With his new look, rescuers decided to debut him as Theo. But Theo was still having a hard time adjusting.

Two weeks later, everything changed. Theo's gotten his spunk back, and looks happy as ever.

Not mention as cute as ever.

You can see the entire video here.

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