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Blind Rescued Otter Finally Gets To Eat As Much As He Wants

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Walter the sea otter is training for the local clam-eating contest.

YouTube/Vancouver Aquarium

Or at least it looks that way. A video from 2013 shows Walter during the middle of a feeding at the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Center. At a speed of 7 clams in 30 seconds, he's mastered the whole speed-eating thing.

YouTube/Vancouver Aquarium

After he's cleaned one shell, he tosses it and gets going on the next one. Yum.

YouTube/Vancouver Aquarium

In October 2013, Walter sustained a gunshot injury in Tofino, British Columbia, which permanently blinded him. Several people reported the injury after they noticed the wild otter acting tired and in need of medical attention, according to the Huffington Post.

The video was taken a few months after his arrival at the rescue center - he'd already received treatment for a fractured flipper and dental injuries. As you can see, he's a happy camper as he uses his tiny paws to quickly handle the delicious clams.

"Walter is not unique in using touch to sense where the food is," the rescue center wrote in the video's caption. "Sea otters feel for food along the ocean bottom with their sensitive front paws."

The rescue center originally planned to return Walter to the wild, but his blindness has made it difficult for him to live without the care of humans.

Although he'll never be able to care for himself in the wild again, he gets lots of TLC from the staff and visitors at the rescue center. Next month, Walter will celebrate two years of residency in Vancouver. Below are a few photos of Walter over the past two years.

Here's Walter relaxing on his back.

More floating on his back.

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Posted by Angela Mae VanderBoon on Sunday, February 2, 2014

A local brewery even illustrated him enjoying one of its products.

And, of course, another time Walter was floating on his back.