Yes, This Impossibly Adorable Rabbit Actually Exists

Every rabbit is special in his own way. But Wally - well, he's just spectacular.

Wally is a very pampered rabbit whose adventures are featured on his very own Instagram page. An English Angora, Wally should look like a giant puffball. But his owner treats him to a regular haircut that leaves him looking absolutely adorable.

For reference, here's what a show-quality Angora looks like without a haircut:

Wikimedia/Betty Chu

Angoras are often bred for their long, silky wool, which can lead to very bad lives for the poor rabbits. Fortunately, Wally got lucky and is living with his loving owner in Massachusetts while showing off what a good pet he makes.

Here's Wally adventuring outside:

Here's Wally looking very pretty:

Here's Wally asking for attention:

Here's Wally pretending to be a dog:

Here's Wally standing up:

And here's Wally just being Wally:

Also, these are Wally's feet:

Of course, it's not all fun and games. Here's Wally right after he peed on the couch out of spite (he was stopped from eating the house plants):

Before you run out and adopt your own Wally, do your research. Rabbits are very high-maintenance pets, often more demanding than even cats or dogs. And Angoras in particular are hard to keep, as their hair requires special care.

But with a face like this, who wouldn't be up for such a big job?

For more Wally adorableness, follow him and his owner on Instagram.

And the world's most photogenic bunny is even better on video: