Wallaby Brings Her Son To Meet The Person Who Saved Her Life

Despite what we might think, animals remember us and the kindness we show them - and this grateful wallaby is the best example of that.

Reddit user Retaboop, who has helped raise wallabies in need for six years in Australia, recently gave the internet all sorts of feels when she posted a picture of an orphaned wallaby that she had raised - and who had now come back to visit with her baby in tow.

Retaboop took in the wallaby, Mirabooka, after her mother was hit by a car and killed when she was only 5 months old. She raised the sweet wallaby, along with some foster brothers, until she was old enough to go back out on her own.

The thankful wallaby comes back for frequent visits, and even knocks on the door when she wants to come in. The most polite wallaby ever! At one point Mirabooka disappeared for a few weeks ... and came back with a boyfriend, and soon a baby of her own!

"It's been pretty special watching him grow from a tiny pink thing to what he is now. She's a good mum," Retaboop commented on Reddit. The baby's name is Rookie, which works with his mom's nickname Bookie.

Retaboop has helped rehabilitate many wallabies over the years, and always releases them back into the wild once they're old enough, where they belong. "We do what is called a soft release. Basically, they are just released from their pen (which is attached to the house)," Retaboop commented. "They are free to come back to the pen, and most of them will only go out for short adventures the first few days while they build confidence."

"Boys tend to bugger off when they get big enough to start getting girlfriends. The girls stay closer to home," she added.

Even though she's now living on her own, Mirabooka will always have a place to come back to where she knows her son is safe - and it doesn't seem like those visits will be stopping anytime soon!

"She spent a lot of time here when her joey was first starting to learn to hop especially," Retaboop commented. "I think she wanted him to be in a safe place when he was learning."