Tiny Wallaby Baby Just CAN'T Get Enough Milk

Sometimes even the biggest appetites come in pocket-sized packages.

An orphaned wallaby named Scotty, for instance, was so small he needed to be fed with a syringe, but that didn't stop him from guzzling formula with the best of them in a video filmed by Exceptional Kangaroo Island tour guide Craig Wickham.

Wickham rescued Scotty after his mother was tragically killed by a car last year, hand-feeding the tiny tammar wallaby four times a day.

"We aim to release him when he is able," Wickham told the Daily Mail in August. "Where we live is close to good habitat for tammar wallabies so I am hopeful of a successful release."

Since then, the 1-pound joey has grown into a healthy youngster and in January he was successfully released back into the wild - all thanks to the kind man who refused to let little Scotty go hungry.