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Ducks Given Their Own Little Waddle Lanes To Help Keep Them Safe

<p> Canal & River Trust </p>

Everyone deserves to feel safe and secure while out for a walk - or a waddle.

The kindhearted humans behind Britain's Canal & River Trust have devised a thoughtful way to help keep the featheriest locals feeling protected as they go about their business. On popular footpaths that run alongside waterways in England and Wales, the group has begun marking special lanes designated for duck traffic.

The hope is that these new lanes will serve as a reminder to cyclists and pedestrians to show courtesy to whomever else maybe walking, or in this case, waddling nearby.

"What we're asking is for everyone to share the space, i.e. to have a little bit of common sense about how they behave around others," said Dick Vincent of the Trust.

A fine idea, to be sure, to help keep ducks safe from people who might not be as courteous to others as they claim to be. After all, there are a lot of quacks out there to worry about.