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Frightened, Matted Dog Could Never Have Even Dreamed Of Her Life Now

No one knows how long Violet was on the streets before someone finally decided to get her help.

The little Maltese was living on her own in California when rescue group Hope for Paws received a call about her. Her coat was overgrown and matted, and when rescuers found her she was hiding under a car to escape the burning 100-degree weather.

It was clear that it had been awhile since she'd last been loved - her posture was defeated as she cautiously approached her rescuers. But with the help of some food, they slowly began to earn her trust.

But Violet still wasn't ready to come with them. She eventually turned and walked away - but, fortunately, she climbed right up a staircase where she couldn't escape. A girl who had been feeding her followed, scooping the nervous dog up and handing her over to the rescue team.

However, once she had a leash on, Violet seemed to remember whatever kindness she had received in her past life. She warmed up to her new friends and even accepted some gentle head pets, nearly smiling through her overgrown coat.

The team took her to a clinic, where it was revealed just how matted her coat really was.

Violet was also infested with fleas and ticks - and she was exhausted from trying to survive on her own.

She got a full grooming and a nice bath, emerging bright and clean afterward. But unfortunately, Violet's journey wasn't over. Her time on the street had taken its toll, and her rescuers discovered she was seriously sick. Violet was severely anemic and dehydrated, and had to be hospitalized.

But her rescuers didn't give up on her, making sure she had lots of love throughout her stay.

Finally, she was strong enough to go to her foster home. Now, Violet has another dog to play with and gets all the care and love she never had on the streets. Just as her body has healed, her mind has too, and she's turned into the loving playful dog she was always meant to be.

YouTube/Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel

Violet is currently being cared for by Bark n' Bitches. If you think you can offer her a home, contact the group through Adopt-a-Pet.com.

Watch Violet's full rescue below.