Elmo Helps The Most Energetic Dog In The Shelter Find The Perfect Forever Family With Dodo Kids + Sesame Street

This golden retriever puppy was the most energetic dog in the shelter when he first arrived at Animal Haven shelter in NYC. Miss Elli and Elmo knew that in order to find the best home he had to help him get all of his energy out. Watch Miss Elli and Elmo realize that Diesel didn’t need to change, they just had to find the right family to match him.

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Dodo Kids teamed up with Sesame Street to create a brand-new family series about kids and rescue animals, hosted by @MrBonesandCo founder Elli Frank — and some of your favorite Sesame Street Friends! Watch Elmo + Cookie Monster help find forever homes for rescue dogs in full episodes of Families for Furry Friends.

For more of Elli Frank’s rescue adventures, you can check out @ellifranknyc. If you’re ready to become a dog’s forever family, you can also check out all of the adoptable dogs and cats at @animalhaven.