These Cats Have Lots Of Extra Toes

Some cats have lots of extra toes!! Here's the legend behind them β€” and it explains why there are so many of these cats on the East Coast πŸ™€ following photos are licensed under CC BY 2.0: "Amelia cat in bed" by brownpau, "Big Foot" by Roham Sheikholeslami, "New Cats"  and "Cat at Hemingway House" by Sam Howzit, and "Six Toed Cat" by Jeff Wright. The following photos and videos are licensed under CC BY 3.0: "ErnestHemingwayHouse024.JPG" by Abujoy, "Polydactylcat.jpg" by Averette, and "Hands polydactyl Maine Coon, 1,5 months" and "Hands polydactyl Maine Coon" by zubkoyurij.