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Tiger Beaten And Mocked In Sickening 'Performance'

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A video has resurfaced recently reminding everyone just how cruel and heartless people can be toward animals.

The footage from 2013 shows a tiger being terrorized by what are believed to be two circus performers in the Wenling Zoo in China.

Warning: Disturbing content below

One man sits astride the terrified animal, bouncing up and down, apparently pretending to ride him, and occasionally hitting the tiger's head.

Then another man comes over and stands before the tiger. He also strikes the tiger on the head, and appears to mock him, as the tiger tries to cover his face with his paws.

When the footage first surfaced two years ago, outraged animal lovers all over the world called for something to be done. People rallied together on Facebook to communicate about the progress of the case and share the latest coverage.

But two years later, it's unclear whether anything was done for the animal. The Chinese government asked the zoo for a formal apology but it's uncertain whether the apology was ever even issued. According to one source, the men in the video and their boss disappeared.

In another incident at the Wenling Zoo, live ducks and rabbits were thrown into the tiger den so that crowds could watch the tigers devour them.

Animals being exploited need long-lasting help and change, even after the video has stopped going viral.


Help tigers who have been rescued from nightmares like this one here, and learn how to help keep wild tigers safe here.

You can also add your name to a petition demanding that this cruelty at the Wenling Zoo never happen again.