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Pug And Coyote Meet Up For Playdates

Harvey might look like a typical pug, what with his wagging curl of a tail and that squished-looking face, but the company he keeps is a bit more on the wild side.

Harvey's owner, Jinia Root, writes that the precocious pup has made an unlikely new friend while taking walks through a wetland preserve in Gilbert, Arizona - a young coyote who seems oddly accepting of his domesticated counterpart. The pair meet up for little playdates almost every time Harvey's out on the trail, Root says. In fact, they've even become "besties".

"At first it was scary but watching these two play makes you smile. They even played in the lake together tonight," writes Root. "Just goes to show you can make friends with the most unlikely of candidates."

While the apparent friendship is certainly cute, it's not likely to endure, says Lynda Lambert of the Arizona Department of Fish and Game.

"Right now, those two are playing together, obviously, but I don't think that is going to last a long time," Lambert tells the Arizona Republic. "There will be a day when that coyote realizes that dog could be a food source."

All good things must come to an end. But hopefully Harvey and his owner will be wise enough to amicably end the unusual arrangement well before the coyote starts to look at him as something other than a friend.