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Video Makes Newly-Hatched Sea Turtle Seem Like A Little Action-Movie Star

You'd think human infants must have it rough entering the world, what with all the screaming, snot and tears. But for other animal babies, like newborn Loggerhead sea turtles who need to hit the ground running in order to survive, there's no time for such dramatics. Within moments of breaking through their eggs, these baby turtles must then claw their way through their sandy nests alone before making an all-out sprint towards the sea.

Just watch as this tiny turtle tackles the challenging first few minutes of life, appropriately set to an action movie score.

Loggerheads are one of the most endangered sea turtle species, which is why this deft hatchling's nest on Jekyll Island in Georgia has been given some extra protection with a mesh covering. Still, once exposed on the beach, these newborns risk being made a meal of by various predators, making their dash towards the water all the more harrowing.