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Video Captures Terror Of Slaughterhouses — Without One Drop Of Blood

<p> <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VizpLk263iM" target="_blank">YouTube/Philippe Radault</a> </p>

This video makes a profound statement about the horrors of meat production - without a single drop of blood.

The simple three-minute video was taken from a French documentary titled "Death Row," by Philippe Radault. The clip focuses on a frightened cow waiting in line for the slaughterhouse; while there's no graphic imagery, the results are equally searing.

A beautiful white cow, muddied and wet, stands behind a friend in the entry chute for a slaughterhouse. Bangs and shouts can be heard from the inside of the building, and the animals' ears twitch nervously as they strain to hear the sounds.

The door slams. A worker comes out, and both cows jump back in fear. He uses a cattle prod to shock the first cow in line into the slaughterhouse, and the door slams down behind her.

Then it happens. Though you can only see the first cow's hooves through the tiny sliver at the bottom of the door, there's a bang and she falls to the ground. The waiting cow sees this and begins to panic.

Desperately trying to squeeze her body around in the tiny chute, the waiting cow arches her neck over her shoulder to look at the person recording, her eyes pleading for help.

At one point she nearly collapses on her side, so desperate she is to turn around and flee in the cramped corridor that's designed to prevent just that.

But there's no one to help her, and soon they come for her. Though she backs into the corner, cowering in fear, the worker pulls out his prod and ushers the terrified animal through the waiting door. It slams down behind her.

The camera zooms in on the opening beneath the door, where her little hooves can be seen backing up against the wall.

There's a bang.

And she falls.

Though this video is devoid of the blood and graphic imagery of many slaughterhouse videos, the emotion captured is indelible and heartbreaking. There's little doubt that this cow knew exactly what was going on - and would have done anything to escape it.

You can watch the video below. WARNING: Content is disturbing.

European readers can purchase the full documentary here and here.