Victory: First Wild Animal Circus Ban In Norway

Countries around the world are jumping on the circus animal ban bandwagon, and Norway just became the latest. Tromsø, the country's seventh largest city, has become the first local council in Norway to secure a ban on the use of all wild animals on public land.

This isn't the first push to exile exotic animal circuses from the country -- a bill to outlaw animal circuses in Norway was first introduced in 2009, but hasn't moved forward. But animal advocates have been celebrating this small victory -- likely the first in a wave of others.

"We are delighted to report that Tromsø has become the first council in Norway to ban the use of wild animals on public land," the group Animal Defenders International said in a statement.

Other countries have already made great strides on the issue -- Greece, Cyprus, Paraguay and Peru have all banned the use of wild animals in performances, while the UK announced that its ban would go into effect in 2015.