Stray Dogs Had No Hope Until The Most Selfless Heroes Arrived

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Dr. Matt Carriker, a veterinarian licensed in Texas, founded the non-profit organization Vet Ranch in 2014. This organization consists of a group of veterinarians that fix pets with health problems that are on the euthanasia list in high-kill shelters or street pets without anyone to care for them. They do so in their spare time and pay for medical expenses with the money donated by people like you. In doing so they can help these pets get ready to find a new and forever home.

What these people do is amazing and they deserve all the help they can get. To help get exposure, the organization started a YouTube channel where they feature the pets they helped and the progress they went through to get the animals to where they are now. You can watch some of my personal favorites below.

1. Hairless Pup Saved and Made Beautiful

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2. Stray with Quills Nearly Starves to Death

(WARNING: Upsetting images)

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3. Severely Neglected Pup Steals Our Hearts

(WARNING: Disturbing images)

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