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Vet Climbs Into Dog's Cage Just To Help Her Eat

Dr. Andy Mathis only did what any person with a sense of compassion toward an animal in need would do - he climbed into her cage to feed her.

Graycie Claire's story up until this heartwarming moment is even more incredible.

She came to Granite Hill Hospital Care (GHAC) in Elberton, Georgia, on the night of Friday, January 29. Someone had called GHAC to say they found the stray pit bull alone on a dirt road.

However, the person had no resources to take care of her and didn't know where to take her. Since local animal control wasn't open late, Mathis, a veterinarian at GHAC, told the good Samaritan to bring the dog in, knowing that he may have to euthanize her depending on her condition - and she was undoubtedly in rough shape as detailed in a Facebook post.

WARNING: Graphic image ahead

Graycie was emaciated and dehydrated, but most noticeable of all was her vaginal prolapse, a condition where the vaginal wall sticks out from the vulva. It is most commonly seen in young, unspayed female dogs.

Mathis turned to social media for advice on whether or not he should put Graycie to sleep or give her a fighting chance at life. The response given to Mathis was to try - because so long as she had a will to live, it was worth giving her a shot.

From there, Graycie's journey toward healing finally began. Funds were raised for her initial care at the University of Georgia's animal hospital.

Last Thursday, Mathis spayed her to fix the prolapse.

However, as Mathis explained on Facebook, Graycie still wasn't comfortable eating in general.

That was what prompted him to take initiative and climb into her cage, not only to feed her but have his own breakfast right by her side, providing her the gentle comfort and the touch of someone who cares - something she had been cruelly denied.

In the video, Graycie alternates between sticking to the corner and walking over to her bowl to eat - this highlights the very moment she slowly, but surely, begins to learn trust.

Now, she's gaining weight...

... and learning how to fit in with other dogs.

Once she's all healthy and ready, Graycie will be gearing up to find a forever home where she'll be appreciated - and where she'll feel unconditional love and support.

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