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11 Very Important Dog Loaves

1. There is no sight more wonderful than a cozy, pudgy dog loaf.

(Reddit: hamsterrified)

2. Dog loaves can happen suddenly, and when you least expect them.


3. Occasionally, dog loaves can be furry - or even fuzzy - and that is extra delightful.

(Instagram: minizarry)

4. Squishy as they are, don't mistake a dog loaf for a pillow.

(Instagram: ahnimals)

5. If the dog loaf looks despondent, it's okay to rub his belly...

(Instagram: lunchteam)

6. ... if the loaf continues to give you this look, however, a treat might be in order.

(Instagam: pigletthepug)

7. Occasionally dog loaves will sidle into a room in a very sneaky manner. This is normal.

(Instagram: sentinelmarc4)

8. Ultimate Coziness: ACHIEVED. (Thanks to loafing)

(Reddit: medic1597)

9. If the dog loaf is in your way, step over him. Do not attempt to move a loaf.

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10. It goes without saying that Loaf Mode makes for optimal cuddling.

(Reddit: IHeartWorf)

11. In short: respect the Dog Loaf.

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