UPS Makes Compassionate Decision For Animals

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It's just gotten a lot harder to ship shark fins, thanks to pressure from animal activists who have convinced worldwide shipping company UPS to stop transporting the cruel cargo.

The World Wildlife Fund rejoiced about UPS's announcement Tuesday on Twitter.

Money drives the hunt for shark fins, which are still considered a culinary delicacy by some. It's estimated that about 100 million sharks are killed every year, many of them for the sake of a pricey plate. Shark fin soup can sell for as much as a hundred bucks.


Concerns about cruelty and sustainability of shark populations are what drove 31 airlines to make similar decisions to stop shipping the fins.


"UPS has just proved to the world that just because something is legal, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is either moral, ethical or sustainable," Alex Hofford, wildlife campaigner for WildAid Hong Kong, told the South China Morning Post.

Now, UPS just needs to stop shipping lions' heads and other hunting trophies.

UPS did not immediately reply to The Dodo's request for comment.

UPDATE: UPS replied to The Dodo with the following comment: "After consultation with expert advisors from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Oceans Team, UPS has chosen to no longer accept shipments of shark fins from any species effective August 18, 2015. The company has established a ban on shark fins due to concerns about the enforcement capabilities of the authorities and potential inaccuracy of visual inspection used by experts as part of the CITES certification process. UPS is also concerned about the broader ecosystem impact due to species depletion and the sustainability of fisheries, as demonstrated by WWF."