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Unscientific Experiment Settles The Debate Over Whether Big Cats Like Water

It's not much of a secret that domestic cats tend not to like water.

And we know that some big cats like water -- tigers in particular seem to thrive in it.

The case is the same for the aptly-named "fishing cat."

But what about the other guys? Leopards, lions and lynxes have been observed in water in the wild if absolutely necessary -- but will they seek it out? Workers at Big Cat Rescue in Florida decided to test it out. Here are their (unscientific) experiment results, adorably captured by Animalist:

1. Siberian lynx: "Just dipping our toes!"

2. Leopard: "We're only in it for the toys."

3. Ocelot: "Maybe I could get used to this...."


4. Serval: "It's not so bad, you guys."

5. Cougar: "No."

"Just ... no."

See the entire video below: