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'Unluckiest' Dog In The World Found Trembling In Shelter Cage

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His rescuers say he's the "unluckiest dog we have ever met," but now Danny is finally getting a second chance at the happy life he deserves.

Volunteer rescuers from He'Art of Rescue, based in Turkey, found Danny in a state-run shelter. "He was trembling," the rescue posted on Facebook. "With extreme mange and anaemia, Danny stood no chance ..."

They quickly pulled him from the shelter, where he wasn't getting the care he needed, and brought him to the He'Art of Rescue clinic.

Danny was in terrible shape - it was clear he hadn't been cared for in a long time, or maybe ever. In addition to severe mange, anemia and dehydration, Danny also had a painful tumor.

But only days after bringing him into its care, the rescue posted an optimistic update.



"With your help, we have started his treatment and the good news is that it is already working which improves Danny's well being," the rescue posted on Facebook, along with a video of Danny in its care. "We could not help Danny without you on our side."

As soon as Danny is healthy enough, he will begin chemotherapy to treat his tumor. Then, hopefully he'll go on to a long and happy life with a loving forever family. It's the least he deserves after so much suffering.

To help support Danny or to find out how to help He'Art of Rescue save lives in Turkey, click here.