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United Nations: Ban International Travel for Hunting.

Ban International Travel for Hunting.
More than 7,316,318,000 (billion) humans on Earth.
Animal species are crashing. Individual species with once robust populations now down in the thousands, hundreds or even fewer than a hundred. Human kind is destroying most of the natural world in a global chase of greed, power and stupidity.
We are witnessing the animal holocaust. The Great Extinction caused exclusively by humans. So many wild animal species are facing extinction in the next few years; tigers, elephants, bears, rhinoceros, wolves, leopards, jaguars, cheetahs, gorillas, orangutans, birds, the list is very long. So many of the animals we love are being wiped out forever.
The destruction of natural habitat, climate change and greed are huge problems, but the worst offenders are poachers and hunters.
Trophy hunting and poaching are an appalling example of human selfishness and greed. Hunters and poachers aided by companies that profit from killing these beautiful creatures are causing devastating losses to the remaining animals. Some of these businesses & clubs are lobbying governments to allow them to break the law by importing exotic animals and their body parts. And we all know the largest and most immediate threat is from poaching.
We must act now. There is little time left to save the Earth's great land and sea animals. They are being wiped-out on a massive scale and at an alarming rate of destruction. Actions taken by organizations and individuals have helped but are no longer enough to stop the massacre. We must act today, we must tip the balance for the animals!
Please sign the petition and share it with your friends. It will be hand delivered to the United Nations.
The animals thank you.