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Pit Bull Who Lost 2 Legs Can Run Faster Than Ever

Fifty the pit bull's mom was pregnant with him when she was rescued, and so Fifty has been a rescue dog since birth. He's always known what it's like to be a fighter and has never given up - even after he lost two of his legs.

In 2007, Fifty was shot by a police officer in both of his right legs for what his Facebook page describes as breed discrimination. Fifty had to have a double amputation, meaning he now only has his left legs to stand on ...

... but if you watch him run, you almost might not notice.

Having only his left legs has never stopped Fifty from running around and living his life. He can still run, and he can still run fast.

Fifty barely seems to notice that he's different, and neither do his siblings or friends. He's still just one of the gang, four legs or two.

Fifty's original family lost their home sometime after his accident and couldn't keep him anymore, and so he was taken in by a shelter. Anywhere else, Fifty might have been put down because of his handicap, but the Animal Welfare League in Chicago made it its mission to find Fifty the perfect new home.

Nine months later, Fifty finally found his forever family.

Now, Fifty lives with a family who fosters dogs in need, meaning he constantly gets to be a big foster brother and show other dogs what it means to never give up.

He has never let his missing legs stop him from going on adventures ...

... and despite everything he's been through, he's still standing tall.

Fifty is the true definition of a fighter and certainly has a lot to celebrate ...

... and will never stop enjoying his life to the fullest. He's absolutely earned it.

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