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2-Headed Calf's Family Treats Her Like 'A Big Baby'

"I rub her and give her massages. She is spoiled rotten!"

Many animals with extreme defects or abnormalities sadly don't live very long after being born - but one lucky little calf is beating all the odds.

Lucky the calf was born in mid-September on a family farm in Kentucky. Brandy Abell McCubbin and Stan McCubbin, Lucky's owners, were shocked when they discovered the two-headed calf and immediately fell in love with her.

The sweet little calf had some balance issues when she was first born and couldn't stand or walk very well her first few days, but every day she grew stronger and stronger.

Now, Lucky can run, jump and keep her balance, and loves hanging out with everyone on the farm. Due to her deformity, Lucky lives in the barn instead of out in the field with the other cows so she can't accidentally get hurt, which has given her the chance to bond with her human family.

"She is a big baby," McCubbin told The Dodo. "She will walk around and lean on me, and I rub her and give her massages. She is spoiled rotten!"

It's incredibly rare for a two-headed animal to make it to adulthood, but so far, Lucky is still pushing through. She's 6 weeks old now, and is showing no signs of giving up any time soon.

She may be a little different, but she hasn't let that slow her down even a little bit.

Since Lucky was born, her family has had over 300 visitors who've come to see her and give her love. Lucky is incredibly friendly, and greets each new person gently and happily.

"She loves to be rubbed," McCubbin said. "She also tries to lick and wipe her slobber on people."

Nobody thought Lucky the two-headed calf would live this long - and she's proving everyone wrong, every single day.

You can follow Lucky and all of her adventures on her Facebook page.

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