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Goat Rescued From 'Hell' Gives Birth To Perfect Little Twins

Just six months ago, she was trapped in a nightmare, but now a goat named Ruby is living the dream.

In October, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary saved her from an illegal backyard slaughterhouse one observer could only compare to hell. More than 100 sick and starving animals were crammed on the property, locked in feces-filled barns littered with trash and animal remains.

After taking in 20 of the animals, staff at the sanctuary realized they had another problem: In addition to being abused and malnourished, many of the animals, including Ruby, were also pregnant.

"Because of this neglect, all of the pregnancies have been high-risk," wrote Woodstock Farm Sanctuary on their website. "With each delivery, we breathe a sigh of relief."

On January 27, Ruby finally gave birth to little Jackie and big brother Moby. After a single tense moment, it was clear the delivery was a success.

"We were so worried to see her deliver a tiny little girl weighing under four pounds," wrote Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. "One of our caregivers moaned, 'Oh no,' but just then the little girl started breathing and Ruby cleaned her off."

Since then, the shelter says Jackie has more than doubled in size, but she's still dwarfed by her (slightly) older brother.

Including Jackie and Moby, the sanctuary now has 10 baby goats and two baby sheep whose mothers were rescued from the slaughterhouse in October, a flock they've nicknamed "The Tiniest Herd."

To help Woodstock Farm Sanctuary take care of these animals, click here to donate to The Tiniest Herd Fund.