Stray Kitten Rescued By TV Reporter Filming Live Newscast

Last week, a news crew from Fox 17 in Nashville was on location near Highway I-24, preparing for a live broadcast about local traffic, when something a bit more pressing came up.

There on the roadside, reporter Sabrina Hall heard the desperate mewing of a tiny animal in distress.

"This little kitten called for help the moment we arrived for our live shot last night," Hall wrote in a post online. "She was all alone in brush next to a loud and busy highway. She followed me everywhere but was too afraid at first to be touched. I finally reached out and grabbed her."

The once sad-eyed kitten seemed to relax immediately, resting comfortably in the reporter's arms.

Later on, when her work was done, Hall decided to take the kitten home with her for a bath and a feeding. It was there that the little stray made a new friend - Hall's dog, who was clearly smitten with the new arrival from the start.

In fact, the happy dog couldn't stop with the kisses.

Sure enough, after the kitten was seen by a vet (who determined that she was actually a he), the tale of his rescue became a news story in its own right - one with the happiest of endings.

He's now been adopted into a forever home.