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TV Reporter Braves Floodwaters To Bring An Armadillo To Safety


After a day of heavy rainfall dropped as much 8 inches of rain across parts of Houston, Texas, leading to extensive flooding along the city's roadways, at least one animal victim has been given a helping hand to avoid what might have been a watery end.

KTRK-TV news reporter Jessica Holloway was on the ground covering the storm-caused chaos when she spotted a lone armadillo paddling his little heart out, caught up in the middle of the rising floodwaters. When it appeared as though he might be heading out deeper into the deluge, Holloway hurried into the rising waters to steer the aimless animal towards higher ground.

Aside from his waterlogged armor, the armadillo seemed no worse for wear. But for her efforts in saving the animal from possibly drowning, Holloway earned a rare bit of praise from one of her local TV news rivals, KHOU's Andrew Horansky:

Armadillos are said to be quite capable swimmers, so there is a chance that he really needed no help at all. But it's still nice to know that Holloway, who normally just reports on stories, would go out of her way to make sure that the armadillo's had a happy ending.