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19 Turtles (And Tortoises!) You Can't Believe Even Exist

1. This tiny turtle tot who's feeling a little shy.

Reddit: morgiibee

2. These typing terrapins who are being productive.

Reddit: cymrich

3. This ambitious turtle who would like to fight crime.

Reddit: koz1769

4. These tight tortoise buddies.



5. This grass-traversing little adventurer.

Reddit: crumbbelly

6. This bathing beauty who's making the cat a little jealous.

Reddit: Lewiiss

7. This turtle who could totally beat you in a foot race.



8. This tortoise who's feeling pretty smug about his banana feast.

Reddit: MattyMattFresh

9. This turtle who isn't quite as intimidating as his sign.

Reddit: fangorn_abides

11. This tortoise who decided to become a Pokémon.

Reddit: lokipokey

12. This turtle who is unbelievably happy to see you!

Reddit: shlay3

13. These turtles who have the most daring mode of transportation.

Reddit: Gabygz

14. This little tortoise whose eyes are bigger than his stomach.



15. This teeny turtle who hopes he isn't mistaken for a bottle cap.

Reddit: BryanwithaY

16. This box turtle who is coming out of hibernation - and feels fresh as a daisy!

Reddit: dreamscapesaga

17. This daring turtle who'd like to play a game of interspecies tag.



18. This athletic fellow who proves that tortoises are far from lazy.

Reddit: sn0wplease

19. This box turtle who just can't believe how CUTE she is!

Reddit: LadyLinkSavesHyrule