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Dog Waits Patiently For His Owners Who Are Never Coming Back

The family who dumped this dog tried to provide for some of his physical needs: a fresh stick of rawhide, a full bag of dog food.

Agape Fosters

But the old dog's spirit seemed in serious need of repair. He just kept crying and crying.

Maybe that's why he was dumped in front of a church in Iowa. And on a Sunday, no less.

Agape Fosters

Then again, being abandoned has a way of crushing the soul.

When local resident Jessica Ellers tried to get close to him, he would only bark and whine and tremble, remaining rooted to his post.

His faith in his owners' return proved unshakable.

Agape Fosters

If there's a god of small things, however, she works in mysterious ways.

Ellers called Dianna Helmers, founder of Agape Fosters, who happens to live in the area.

Helmers didn't hesitate to open the doors of her rescue - although at the time, she was at a Des Moines veterinary hospital with her own ailing dog, Gomer.

It seemed like it would take a miracle, however, to get the dog into the car.

He would follow Ellers a short ways, "but then turn around and lay back down in the same spot," Ellers explained to The Dodo.

Finally, Helmers, who lives just 10 minutes away, dispatched her husband, Roy, to the scene.

"He walked up to him, talked to him, petted him a little, then scooped him up put him in the vehicle," she recalled.

The dog, who was given the name Truman, as in "a faithful man," had to place his faith in the arms of strangers.

And when that car door opened again, he was at the Helmers' home.

Truman has been in Helmers' care for just a few days.

"I don't believe he was a stray but left there with the items," she explained.

Also, she noted, "The dog was clean and dry, not like he had been walking through the mud or wet grass that's everywhere in Iowa right now."

Agape Fosters

"I know pet owners get into jams and either don't think about calling for help or don't want to pay a fee to release their pet to a shelter," she said.

Truman's spirit is already on the mend.

"He is so sweet, a little older," Helmers said. "He has missing hair that looks like it may be from fleas, a cut up his leg and has worms. That's as far as we have gotten. He will see the vet tomorrow."

Agape Fosters

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