Dog Once Used As Living Chew Toy Now Has The Sweetest Smile

When a fire cleanup crew in California first found her earlier this month, things looked grim for Trinity. The abandoned pup was covered with gashes and puncture wounds, including injuries to her mouth so severe "she couldn't even hold her own saliva in her mouth."

Warning: Disturbing image below

After rescuers with Calaveras County Animal Services took Trinity to Angels Camp Veterinary Hospital for emergency treatment, their worst suspicions were confirmed: Trinity had been used as a bait dog, an animal who is tied down to serve as a living target for fighting dogs.

Amazingly, the dog betrayed by those who should have loved her most never lost her faith in people.

"In spite of her extreme pain, suffering, and abuse at the hands of those who had tortured her, she remained an incredibly loving, sweet, gentle soul!" wrote Calaveras County Animal Services on Facebook. "We knew we had to give her a chance to have a better life and to know that humans can be good."

But while staff at Calaveras County Animal Services were committed to Trinity's recovery, they knew they couldn't do it alone. Two weeks ago, the shelter set up a GoFund me page, asking for $2,500 toward Trinity's medical bills.

Since then, almost $15,000 in donations have poured in.

"The outpouring of love for Trinity has been overwhelming," wrote Calaveras County Animal Services on Facebook. "[We cannot say how much we] appreciate all of the kind words, prayers, and donations we have received for her!"

While Trinity still has a long journey of healing ahead of her, she has already made remarkable progress, looking vastly different from the scared and hopeless animal who came into the shelter just days before.

The shelter now plans to use the excess funds to help other injured animals like Trinity, a name that Calaveras County Animal Services says represents the three stages of her life: "[H]er horrible past, her painful present, and the wonderful future we know she has in store!"

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