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Fox Stranded On Roof For Days Gets Dramatic Rescue

<p> Youtube.com/TheWildlifeAidTV </p>

Night rescues are always dramatic ...

The "A-team" of Wildlife Aid's rescuers were called out one night, in the rain, to rescue a fox that had been stuck on a roof for three days. After careful planning, the team spread out to corner the animal. Sean and Johnny did all the work and left a disappointed Simon out of the rescue!

The fox stayed at the center a few days to recuperate and was released where he was found, back to his territory. It's important to understand that adult foxes must go back to their own territory, even if it's not an ideal site in our opinion. This chap knows the place he is from very well as he was more than likely born very close by! As much as we would prefer to, we can't release him in the countryside, or in what we feel is a "better" area, because he wouldn't know where to hunt, where to sleep and would be in trouble!