Wallaby Adopts Orphaned Kangaroo Right Into Her Pouch

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For the first time ever, a baby tree kangaroo has found a home in a wallaby's pouch.

Makaia, a baby tree kangaroo, was only five weeks old when his mother was tragically killed by a falling tree branch.

Makaia, whose species is already endangered because of overhunting and loss of habitat, was having an especially rough start. Feeding the tiny tree kangaroo by hand was not an option - he was simply too young. Makaia needed a pouch to call his own and finish developing during his vulnerable early months.

Luckily, a generous wallaby was willing to lend the orphan her pouch.

YouTube/Zoos SA

Called cross-fostering, veterinarians at the Adelaide Zoo attempted this technique with a tree kangaroo for the first time, so that Makaio could nurse in the pouch of another animal. Closely monitoring the wallaby and orphaned joey during the first days of the trial, veterinarians were relieved when Makaia happily popped his head out of the wallaby's pouch looking totally at ease.

YouTube/Zoos SA

After staying with his surrogate mom for over three months, Makaia was ready leave the pouch. Still getting nursed by zookeepers, Makaia's rough start turned into a sweet story that shows just how loving animals can be. Now he has a promising life ahead.

YouTube/Zoos SA
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