Policeman Runs Into Traffic To Pull Tiny Kitten To Safety

It could have been a tragedy, but an anonymous hero was there to save to day.

Earlier this month, Lima, Peru, resident Lorena Castro captured the dramatic moment when a police officer halted several lanes of traffic to save a stray kitten from being hit by a city bus.

Castro says she was on her way to Lima's city center when she spotted the helpless 1-month-old kitten on the highway.

"I was about to get out of the car to pick her up when the motorcycle cop passed by," Castro told Peruvian newspaper El Comercio. "[He said,] 'Stay in the car. I'll take care of it.'"

After bringing Castro the kitten, the officer reportedly declined any reward (preferring to remain anonymous) and went back to work.

Castro has now adopted the kitten, naming her "Polly Tana" after the "Metropolitano" bus line she was found on.

Other than having a few fleas, Castro says the kitten is in good health - all thanks to one police officer's compassion.