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Abused Dog Gets Toy That Looks Exactly Like Him, Scars And All

He's raising money for other dogs who need help.

Almost a year ago, Justice the dog was found lying in a field in Ontario with his legs and mouth bound with electrical tape, unable to move.

His former owners had paid a man named Michael Hill $60 to bring Justice to an animal shelter, to cover the fee for dropping a dog off. Instead, Hill left him alone to die. Hill was sentenced to two years in prison back in February.

Justice was taken in by the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society. When he first arrived, the poor dog could barely breathe, and even once the electrical tape was removed, he still had trouble walking and was extremely swollen all over.

It took months, but Justice slowly began to heal, and ended up with a large white scar around his snout.

In June, Justice finally found the perfect foster home, and it wasn't long before his foster family became his very own forever family. After all the 7-year-old had been through, he found a family who would love and protect him, no matter what.

In the months that he spent at the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society, Justice became the face of fighting against animal cruelty, and appeared at fundraisers to help raise money for other animals in need just like him.

As a way to raise money during the holiday season, the shelter decided to create Justice plush toys. The toys are an exact replica of the adorable little dog, and even showcase the white scar on his snout. Everything about Justice is beautiful, scars and all, and these toys are the perfect way to prove it.

Each toy is $30, and the proceeds will go toward animal cruelty investigations.

Justice's story is heartbreaking, but thanks to his friends at the shelter and everyone who supported him along the way, he was able to make a full recovery - and is now a symbol for helping to put an end to animal cruelty.

If you'd like to purchase a Justice toy, you can check out the shelter's website for more information.