Poodle Goes Door To Door At Nursing Home. Every Day. All By Herself.

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Nala may be little, but this once-rejected dog has proven that her heart is huge.

The tiny 5-year-old toy poodle comes to work at a St. Paul, Minnesota nursing home every day with her human, Doug Dawson. He's a medications assistant at Lyngblomsten, the senior housing facility. But as soon as they arrive in the morning, the little dog heads off on her own. "We just meet in passing in the hallways," Dawson told local outlet KARE.


While Dawson does his work, Nala does hers - going room to room in the care center, visiting residents and hopping up on beds and into laps to offer kisses. Nala even knows how to ride the elevators all by herself.


Though she was never formally trained as a therapy dog, Dawson met her while she was helping patients at another facility. Her former owners decided she didn't have the right temperament to continue, and they offered her to Dawson.


In his care, Nala has thrived. And she's become a popular fixture at the nursing home, often seeking out the sickest residents to offer them comfort. "She's here for a purpose, I believe," Dawson told KARE, "She's really doing God's work."

Scientists believe it's possible that the comfort of a therapy dog may actually help some patients to heal, and dogs have been known to support people struggling with illnesses from cancer to addiction. And it's not only dogs - all kinds of animals have been known to sense when their humans needed some support.

As for Nala, she even sits with residents on their deathbeds - the comfort she offers is its own kind of medicine. "She's an angel," one of the residents told KARE, "I love her and she loves me."

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