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Tourist Learns The Hard Way Not To Honk At An Elephant

<p>Facebook/Rudy Swanepoel</p>

There's a proper way to handle an unexpected wildlife encounter - and then, well, there's this.

A tourist was taught a rather hair-raising lesson in elephant etiquette while on safari in Mozambique's Maputo Game Reserve. Harrowing footage from the incident shows a large bull elephant approaching the man in his vehicle, looking agitated at the uninvited visitor. Rather than remain calm, or perhaps slowly back away, what does the misguided motorist do?

He honks. (He shouldn't have honked.)

Fortunately, according to reports, the man survived the angry elephant's attack. His car, meanwhile, wasn't so lucky.

The elephant didn't walk away unscathed, either. Evidently, he lost the tip of his tusk while overturning the car.

It's unclear when exactly this incident took place, but the video and photos of the aftermath were recently posted on Facebook with a timeless message - words of warning that should be kept in mind with any animal encounter:

"Not to be taken lightly....ever!!"