Tourist Learns Why You Shouldn't Take A Selfie With A Shark

Why do people keep thinking this is a good idea?

Most people seem to know innately why it's not a good idea to pluck baby sharks, thrashing and angry, from the ocean for fun. Unfortunately, that's something this woman needed to learn the hard way.

Turns out, the baby shark was more than eager to teach that lesson himself.

Facebook/Fernando de Noronha

It all happened on Monday, at a beach on the Brazilian island of Fernando de Noronha . The woman, who is from Brazil, was on vacation there with her husband when she saw the little lemon shark swimming near the shore and decided to grab him for a photo.

As video of the incident shows, the little shark was none-too-pleased about being yanked from the water. In an instant, he sunk his teeth into the tourist's fingers - and he wouldn't let go until his jaw was forced open.

We can only hope that the shark, rudely tossed back into the sea, escaped the encounter unharmed. But he did leave his mark, and rightfully so.

The woman suffered minor injuries from the baby shark's bite, requiring just four stitches at the hospital. Damage to her wallet, however, was a bit more substantial.


Lemon sharks are a protected species, and harassing them is punishable by a fine of $1,600. But since the incident occurred within the island's marine protection area, fines can be doubled - and they were. The woman and her husband have been ordered to pay $3,200 each.

Sadly, occurrences of tourists handling wildlife for the sake of photos seem to be on the rise - and it's almost always the animals who end up harmed (or worse). Perhaps this little shark's lesson will prevent the next person from even attempting it at all.