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Touching Story of Man Who Walks Unwanted Shelter Pit Bulls Every Day After Work

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Every day, Tom, a volunteer at the Pasadena Humane Society touches the lives of shelter dogs; specifically the pit bulls that he says no one normally wants to take our of their kennels. Tom, an attorney and long-time volunteer at the shelter, says many people who come visit go for the smaller, fluffier dogs. Without Tom's kindness, some of the pit bulls he works with may never get time to play and walk outside of their kennels.

Photo Courtesy of 1620 Media

Photo Courtesy of 1620 Media

Tom, who's been volunteering for 8 years says he's probably done over 15,000 walks, and has never been bitten by a pit bull. "Pit bulls are strong, they're athletic, and they're really great dogs," he says. We love what he's doing for the community, and his story will convince anyone who's on the fence about pit bulls that they are amazing dogs. In the spirit of National Pit Bull Awareness Month, watch Tom's story!