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Toucan Loves To Be Cuddled By Mom

Cuddling with our pets is the best, and our pets usually love it right back - even the ones you wouldn't expect to.

This is Ripley the toucan.

Ripley has lived with her mom and dad since she was a baby, and loves them very much.

She's a VERY active little gal and loves to fly and play around ...

... but her very favorite activity is being held by her mom and dad like a baby.

Ripley absolutely loves to be held, and looks just like a little human baby in her mom's arms.

You might not think that a bird would want to snuggle, but Ripley is all about it.

Of course she's a very fun, quirky bird and loves to participate in mom and dad's other passions too ...

... but at the end of the day, a bunch of cuddles is really all she needs.

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