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Top 5 Things To Tell Your Pet Care Provider

Once you've booked an interview or appointment with a pet sitter on CareBooker, you'll need to think about the most important information to tell them regarding your pet. The pet sitter also needs thorough instructions about what you expect in your absence. Here are 5 things you should tell your sitter about your pet:

Inform the pet sitter of any medical issues that your pet has. CareBooker makes it easy for you to list out important information for each of your pets, so the care provider is aware in advance if there are any special instructions. Leave detailed instructions about how to administer medications, if needed, and at what time. You can communicate this via our CareBooker messaging program so the provider has this easily available. Inform your pet's caretaker of the animal's quirks. If your dog doesn't get along with other dogs or cats, be sure to tell them before the animal leaves the house. This information should also be included in your CareBooker Family Member profiles. Make sure to leave detailed instructions about when to give treats and when to feed your pet. Delineate places that are safe to walk the pet and point out areas to avoid.