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Tom Hardy Snuggling Dogs Is Everything You Need In This Life

<p><a href="https://instagram.com/tomhardyholdingdogs/" target="_blank">Instagram/tomhardyholdingdogs</a></p>

Tom Hardy is a popular actor known for such films as "Inception," "The Dark Knight Rises," and, most recently, "Mad Max: Fury Road." None of that is all that important though. What is important? How much Tom Hardy enjoys holding dogs.

So it's only natural that an entire Instagram account has been created and dedicated to - you guessed it - Tom Hardy holding dogs.

Tomhardyholdingdogs is actually genius, because - for some inexplicable reason - there are A TON of photos of Tom Hardy with dogs. And lots of different dogs, for that matter.

Where exactly Tom Hardy is finding all of these dogs is a mystery, but does it matter? Not really.

Here's Tom with a dog in his shirt.

Tom kissing a dog.

Tom goofing off with a dog.

And even Tom with a fake dog.

And, of course, there are selfies. With a dog.

So many selfies ...

... so many dogs.

Of course, Tom's dozens of photos with dogs aren't totally random. He's a huge dog lover, and even participated in a recent PETA campaign that promotes animal adoption.

And not too long ago he appeared on a British TV show called "Alan Carr: Chatty Man," where he held MORE dogs. Because of course.

Alan told Tom that people had requested he hold a basset hound, and so one was brought out so they could take a picture together. Alan promised he would send the picture to tomhardyholdingdogs - and he stayed true to his word.

In short, Tom Hardy loves dogs A LOT, and the internet greatly appreciates it.