Cat Casually Rides The Subway All By Himself

Riding public transportation to and from work every day can get pretty bleak - but imagine how much better your commute would be if you sat next to a cute cat.

Apparently, if you live in Tokyo, that could totally happen.

This streetwise feline has been spotted several times riding the city's Seibu Ikebukuro Line, according to the Tokyo-based news and entertainment site RocketNews24.

"Looks like this cat is on his way home after a day of hanging out in [the district of] Ikebukuro," reads the caption in the tweet above.

People have apparently been noticing a feline passenger on this line since at least 2013, RocketNews24 reports. Though it's unclear if it's always the same cat, the photos do look very similar.

The cat never seems to be accompanied by an owner - which has led his fellow riders to assume that he simply hops on and off as he pleases.

All by himself.

Or, sometimes, with a feline friend.

Even when unaccompanied, this cat seems to have excellent subway etiquette. He never manspreads - instead, he keeps himself curled up in a neat, compact ball, so that other passengers have plenty of room.

So courteous.

He does seem to get tired once in a while, as cats tend to do, so he'll occasionally let himself drift off for a nice nap.

Of course, sleeping on public transportation is usually not a good idea. Unless you're a cat. Then it's a great idea.

As RocketNews24 points out, animals are supposed to be kept in carriers while riding public transportation - but it seems that Tokyo's transit officers are making a special exception for this guy.

But this cat isn't the only animal who's ridden public transit. Last year, a dog named Paddy casually hopped aboard a train in the U.K.